Residential Care Finder

Bridge the growing care gap with the newest product in the Emphasys Housing Locator Suite.

The Residential Care Finder is a comprehensive service providing publicly searchable, refreshed listings of residential care facilities, adult family homes, and more, all supported by a professional, toll-free call center.

Critical Housing Information in Real Time
  • Listings have photos and details about eligibility, funding types, specialties, care services, medical supports, and other amenities.
  • Bed-availability and licensure-database options.
Accessible and Searchable
  • Easy for your providers to add and update listings on a desktop computer or mobile device or by calling a toll-free number for live assistance.
  • Listings can be searched by specific accommodations and services and on an interactive map.
  • Accessible online 24/7 and through the toll-free call center.

Maximize Access to Affordable, Accessible Housing