The Products of the Emphasys Housing Locator Suite

Increase access to housing in your community. Boost the power of your housing data with this powerful suite of services for housing finance agencies, housing authorities, and state and local governments.
Housing Locator
PAIR – Prescreening Assessment Intake & Referral
Rent Comp
Residential Care Finder

The Housing Locator

Because it pays to have all your latest rental and property data in one, accessible place

Our foundational product, the Housing Locator is a public-facing search and listing providing continually refreshed data about your Tax Credit, Section 8/Housing Choice, HUD 811, accessible, subsidized and market-rate housing.

Since 1999, this service has been expanding into a national network and evolving into a powerhouse of housing information for your constituency.

Maximum Accessibility

No other housing locator offers this level of accessibility, care and support. Emphasys Housing Locator services are available via ADA-compliant, multilingual websites and the not-for-profit call center (voice and TTY).

  • Fully accessible and free to the public.
  • Customized and branded for your region.
  • Listings display 40+ accessibility fields along with photos, neighborhood information and other details to help match tenants to units that meet their needs.

Expand Your Housing Locator Power with Add Ons

Track project funding, gather real-time data from landlords and locate housing for at-risk populations with a confidential search engine. Emphasys Housing Locator Add Ons help you meet more needs.

Program-driven Landlord Recruitment and Retention services expedite housing placements and increase program housing success rates.

  • Restricted-access Special Needs Search lets landlords confidentially promote housing to populations who traditionally experience barriers to housing, dramatically increasing scattered-site housing options.
  • Periodic Polling keeps you connected with valued property providers through a system of surveys and a reporting dashboard.
  • Add current news, information about featured properties and more to your Housing Locator homepage in a few mouseclicks with Dynamic Content.
  • Inventory Tracking provides nightly reports of agency-funded properties in your Housing Locator database: know when properties are added or deleted from the system, with reasons for their deletion.

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PAIR (Prescreening, Assessment, Intake and Referral)

Amazingly convenient and efficient waitlist and program solutions

Versatile, accurate, efficient: save untold time and dollars with automated screening and application processes as you conduct required eligibility screening, manage your waitlists and fill units with the tenants who need them. Detailed reports can be tailored to examine demographics and program outcomes.


  • A coordinated solution for HUD 811, LIHTC, MFP, HOP, state voucher programs, set-aside units, Bridge Subsidy Programs and more.
  • Process client information for multiple programs with one login and one screening form.
    Screen and process client information for multiple programs with one login and one screening form; coordinate applications and track clients across programs in this time-saving, automated system.

Flexible, Empowering

  • Customize intake fields, eligibility requirements, applicant-priority placement, data for your reporting needs and more.
  • Allow public access for self-service, empowering clients to pursue program possibilities on their own, or secure the system for registered support workers.
  • Manage client information within the system or export information for use with your existing system.

Reliable, Secure, Intuitive, Accessible

  • Enjoy intensive system support and shared learning from other programs around the country.


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RentComp Rent Reasonableness

Boost your voucher program with easy tools and a professionally built rental-market database

You won’t believe how much time you save with web-based Emphasys RentComp rent reasonableness. Our easy- to-use tools to calculate reasonable rents are paired with the most accurate, up-to-date rental data on the market.

Streamlined, Refreshed

Data is carefully collected and maintained daily by professionals in the® Call Center. In addition, you’ll enjoy…

  • User-friendly, side-by-side comparisons with interactive mapping, photos, property and utility information. • Printable comparisons with fields for notes, landlord and tenant information, and signatures for HUD documentation.
  • An audit tool to track and verify staff comp report activity.

Have statewide programs in rural areas? Our rural RentComp assistance will find and generate comps for you anywhere.


Do You Use Emphasys Elite?

Emphasys Elite customers can enjoy a seamlessly integrated workflow.

Contact us for more information about RentComp.

Residential Care Finder

Linking Residents with Accommodations and Care

Bridge the growing care gap with the newest product in the Emphasys Housing Locator Suite. The Residential Care Finder

is a comprehensive service providing publicly searchable, refreshed listings of residential care facilities, adult family homes and more, all supported by a professional, toll-free call center.

Critical housing information in real time

  • Listings have photos and details about eligibility, funding types, specialties, care services, medical supports and other amenities.
  • Bed-availability and licensure-database options.

Accessible and Searchable

  • Easy for your providers to add and update listings on a desktop computer or mobile device or by calling a toll-free number for live assistance.
  • Listings can be searched by specific accommodations and services and on an interactive map.
  • Accessible online 24/7 and through the toll-free call center.

Contact us to bring the Residential Care Finder to your area.

Who We Are: Emphasys Housing Locator Group

Acquired from Non-Profit Industries by Emphasys Software in 2015, the Housing Locator Group is part of the Emphasys Software Housing Finance Division and headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

To ensure optimal support for your constituency, Emphasys Housing Locator teams up with the Charlotte-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Call Center, which provides compassionate live support for all of the products in the Housing Locator Suite.

Customized Housing Locators

If you don’t know us as the Emphasys Housing Locator group, you may know us as (our company-wide name prior to the acquisition) or by one of our regional housing locators. View a list of our alter egos here.

Contact us or more information and to find out how to bring our services to your community.

The® Call Center: Unparalleled Support, Maximum Access

The 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Call Center provides live, toll-free, multilingual support for all Emphasys Housing Locator Suite products via phone (voice and TTY), email, fax and mail.

The Call Center has provided compassionate, professional user support for housing-locator services since 2000. They specialize in landlord recruitment and retention as well as housing searches for people in need, from those with housing challenges to displaced survivors of natural disasters.

No other housing locator service offers this level or style of fully accessible care and support. Find out more about

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