Rent Reasonableness
Boost your voucher program with easy tools and a professionally built rental-market database

You won’t believe how much time you save with web-based Emphasys RentComp rent reasonableness. Our easy-to-use tools to calculate reasonable rents are paired with the most accurate, up-to-date rental data on the market.

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Streamlined, Refreshed

Data is carefully collected and maintained daily by professionals in our dedicated Call Center. In addition, you’ll enjoy…

  • User-friendly, side-by-side comparisons with interactive mapping, photos, property, and utility information.
  • Printable comparisons with fields for notes, landlord and tenant information, and signatures for HUD documentation.
  • An audit tool to track and verify staff comp report activity.
Have statewide programs in rural areas? Our rural RentComp assistance will find and generate comps for you anywhere.

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