The Housing Locator

Because it pays to have all your latest rental and property data in one, accessible place

Our foundational product, the Housing Locator is a public-facing search and listing providing continually refreshed data about your Tax Credit, Section 8/Housing Choice, HUD 811, accessible, subsidized and market-rate housing.

Since 1999, this service has been expanding into a national network and evolving into a powerhouse of housing information for your constituency.

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Maximum Accessibility

No other housing locator offers this level of accessibility, care and support. Emphasys Housing Locator services are available via ADA-compliant, multilingual websites.

  • Fully accessible and free to the public.
  • Customized and branded for your region.
  • Listings display 40+ accessibility fields along with photos, neighborhood information and other details to help match tenants to units that meet their needs.

Maximize Access to Affordable, Accessible Housing